Quality of Life Factors
"supporting individual, family, community, and industrial positive outcomes"


Quality is a characteristic allowing for excellence. Quality of Life is defined as the physical, emotional, intellectual, or cultural satisfaction in a person's everyday life. This concept as used in health care delivery defines the standard by which outcomes for the total patient can be assessed. Pleasing personal appearance, optimal vision and hearing, healthy skin, optimal nutrition with palatable and healthful food, good foot care with maintained mobility, an appropriate health care approach and life style regimen ALL add up to the basics necessary for quality of life. People deserve nothing less. A strong knowledge based care approach with the effective skills to deliver quality health care is essential.

In ALL industries quality of life factors impact performance and productivity. Included are health, education, safety, family, stress, work, psychological, and spiritual components. These and others are incorporated into each course and program module available.

Our unique Teach the Teacher Network and Educational Consulting approach allow for the Quality of Life Factors to be explored in depth and incorporated to support postive outcomes and staff education.

Multimedia and computer-based teaching approaches can be developed to support ALL levels of your instructional and training needs.

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