Project Implementation
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Modeling is the backbone for quantitative analysis. Modeling can take two forms:
  • for the purpose of econometric and/or statistical analysis,
  • for the purpose of simulation (entity or aggregate) analysis.

Modeling for the purpose of econometric and/or statistical analysis requires an understanding of the issue or aspect to be analyzed and the institution or environment in which it is performed. Modeling for the purpose of simulation allows analysis of changes to a system whose parameters have a degree of variation that can be represented in a model of how the system actually operates. Many of these simulation models require large numbers to determine a distribution of values that represent the quantitative effects of variable changes. If one desires to understand the annual monetary effect of switching training from a formal classroom environment to computer based instruction or similar evaluations a simulation can be developed and the transition can be analyzed.


Modeling requires working knowledge of the alternative approaches available for modeling each issue and/or system and selecting that approach which is most appropriate given the information or data available. The International Horizons Unlimited Project Development Services Group supplies this expertise.

Having identified the accountability issues and the needs of the client, designed the strategies, analyzed the existing acquired data, and utilized modeling approaches, timely implementation becomes appropriate. The concepts of monitoring, effectiveness tracking, and data collection are next. User satisfaction and performance are key to approaching outcomes so decisions about modifications, updating, and re-evaluation can be intelligently pursued. The systems necessary to accomplish these ends are available through International Horizons Unlimited Project Development Group. 

Multimedia and computer-based teaching approaches can be developed to support ALL levels of your instructional and training needs.

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