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The cost of doing business continues to escalate exerting strong pressure to improve efficiency, productivity, and contain costs. Industries, including healthcare delivery, are attempting to react to this pressure by introducing accountability in their operational processes. Accountability requires an understanding of responsibilities. The evaluation of services, efficiency of delivery, performance, user and customer satisfaction, and outcomes assessment are ALL part of this accountability process.

The development of mechanisms for monitoring, assessment, redesign, and retooling help assure viability, but must maintain the major focus, QUALITY. These mechanisms can be evaluated in part through the application of econometric and manpower modeling tools to existing processes. Courses, programs, and consulting services are available to teach professionals, administrators, planners, and managers the tools for planning, design, delivery, and monitoring. These can provide cost effectiveness without losing the primary objective of quality products, services, and outcomes.

Courses, programs, and services are created for business, corporations, insurance companies, the legal profession, educational institutions, healthcare, and environmental quality. We provide project development, data acquisition, information gathering, analysis, and outcomes assessment tools.

Multimedia and computer-based teaching approaches are available to support ALL levels of your instructional and training needs.

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