Outcomes Assessment
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Outcomes assessment covers many issues including the evaluation of effectiveness. Outcomes assessment involves the evaluation of any testing approaches on an item by item basis. Test questions are generally developed for the purpose of evaluating the individual's existing knowledge or understanding of a particular subject area. The ability of the test item to produce meaningful information is evaluated through an outcomes assessment process. Outcomes assessment can consider demographic and other factors. International Horizons Unlimited Project Development Services Group consultants offer extensive experience and expertise to produce these outcomes.


Outcomes assessment is used in training environments to determine whether the targeted proficiency goal(s) have been achieved. The assessment can be at various levels from the performance of the overall job to the successful accomplishment of an individual task within the process. Outcomes assessment is useful across all organizations whether the issue is the effectiveness of existing training or the evaluation of a new technology. International Horizons Unlimited outcomes assessment services offers strong statistical analysis skills as well as knowledge of the training, its parameters, methodologies, and applications.

Multimedia and computer-based teaching approaches can be developed to support ALL levels of your instructional and training needs.

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