Nutrition Programs
"supporting health and human performance for all industries"


Our Nutrition Programs Division offers the full spectrum of nutritional assessment approaches and clinical educational courses. Nutrition modules to support all aspects of corporations, businesses, transportation and related industries are available. These encompass prenatal (mother and fetus), infancy and childhood, health maintenance, wellness, fitness, prevention, performance improvement, the needs of the acutely ill and the disabled, the elderly, and those who are terminally ill.

Nutritional considerations in all aspects of industrial and transportation (including aviation) safety and health can be incorporated. Nutritional components of human performance dynamics are emphasized. Nutrition project design and analysis services, as well as nutrition programs and systems development are available. These can be utilized in conjunction with our Teach the Teacher Network approaches, Customized Educational Courses, Staff Training and Development, and outcomes assessment. All nutrition educational programs are taught by registered and licensed dietitians in conjunction with other credentialed health care specialists and corporate/business needs analysts. These programs are ready to support the specific nutritional educational needs of the health care delivery and related industries. Nutrition components are incorporated into courses and programs offered through our Teach the Teacher Network.

Multimedia and computer-based teaching approaches can be developed to support ALL levels of your instructional and training needs.

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