Economics and Manpower Evaluation
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Evaluation and analysis of economic and manpower issues require knowledge and experience of state-of-the-art methodologies for analyzing these issues in industry, insurance companies, the legal profession, organizations, associations, and/or other markets being addressed. Manpower and personnel issues range from personnel retention and performance to manpower models for planning and budgeting. Evaluation of manpower and personnel issues span many disciplines (psychology, education, operations research, statistics, economics, econometrics, human resources, performance dynamics). Consider the analysis of variation in performance of jet engine mechanics. These jet engine mechanics function at various levels of skill and intellectual abilities. The United States military uses standardized aptitude measurements in selecting those who would be best at performing maintenance on jet aircraft. Psychologists have studied and developed numerous aptitude tests for selecting jet engine mechanics. Statisticians and economists have analyzed data about maintenance performance to identify those factors that are best at explaining the variation in the capabilities and productivity of aircraft mechanics, even at the individual task level.


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The key to evaluating manpower and personnel issues is a thorough knowledge and understanding of the institutions and systems within which the personnel work. Private corporations often offer different incentives and working conditions for personnel than exists for the U.S. military. The reality is that economic evaluation of manpower and personnel issues requires approaches that are tailored to the organization or system in which the personnel actually perform their work.

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