Learn With Doctor Clown
"creating health and safety for families, children, parents, and communities"

The Doctor Clown educational medium can create profitable growth for businesses, companies, and corporations, through enhanced customer and community relationships. Company recognition can be supported by high visibility sponsorship or directly as part of product and service promotion. This educational outreach tool enhances teaching children and families about health and safety.

Learn With Doctor Clown timely supports programs for schools, childcare facilities, the healthcare delivery industry, public and community health programs, and health and safety outreach efforts of businesses, companies, and corporations. Contact Doctor Clown (click on the e-mail button below) to discuss your needs.

The Learn With Doctor Clown series allows for direct interaction for children and parents to learn together to prevent problems. The Doctor Clown subject area applications are extensive and can be custom developed in multiple formats including promotional and markting materials, displays, posters, booklets, coloring books, games, CD-ROM, Internet, and video, or any appropriate combination (see below).

Doctor Clown's Health and Safety Tips

Multimedia and computer-based teaching approaches can be developed to support ALL levels of your instructional and training needs.

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