Doctor Clown
"creating health and safety for families, children, parents, and communities"



The Doctor Clown medium, while educational and entertaining, offers an opportunity for high economic impact by promoting products and services associated with Family and Children's Healthcare Issues. Also, corporate sponsorship of relevant community concerns using the Doctor Clown concept allows for recognition of your business, its products, and services. The promotion of healthcare problem awareness can be presented in all formats of multimedia including coloring books, displays, games, booklets, and posters.

Doctor Clown, a real doctor who has been a registered clown for thirty years, works in association with Medical Horizons Unlimited to educate families, children, parents, healthcare delivery and public health professionals, groups at risk, and communities about the wide scope of Health and Safety Issues (asthma, injuries, smoking, peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, first aid, emergency proceedures, nutrition). The Doctor Clown tool supports prevention taught early and creatively, as well as offering leadership skills and problem solving techniques.

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