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Compliance is the established practice of meeting the policies and procedures designed to ensure that an entity and its employees are following the regulations and laws that apply to its business and other activities.

Establishing a Compliance Program

The value of a compliance program includes:

  • Reduction of any existing civil or criminal liability
  • Prevention and/or reduction of administrative or civil penalties
  • Identification of existing unethical, illegal, or criminal activity
  • Mechanisms for internal reporting of concerns by employees and managers
  • Reducing the risk of governmental investigations
  • Assisting employees, managers, and others in identifying and preventing improper activities
  • Implementing prompt internal investigations with appropriate responses and documentation

Medical Horizons Unlimited, International Horizons Unlimited, Ltd./Risk Management Strategies and Systems Group, and Accountability Initiatives, LLC develop compliance programs for clients from healthcare delivery, insurance, educational institutions, the legal profession, and industry. Compliance and other experts participate in the consultation services, program development and implementation, and assessment.

In conjunction with JRP Technologies, Inc., International Horizons Unlimited, Ltd./Risk Management Strategies and Systems Group can develop your compliance materials and systems including all documents, into electronic formats for optimal utilization and information retrieval. Monitoring, tracking, reporting, updating, and outcomes assessment tools can be incorporated.


Audit is the process (performed internally and/or by external independent regulatory, certifying, or other sources) verifying the impact of the established compliance program. It results in the detection of risk areas and vulnerabilities for correction.


Major Factors Which Help Reduce Risk are:

  • Written and readily accessible compliance standards and procedures
  • A structure for compliance administration
  • A policy for the discretionary delegation of authority
  • A consistent system for employee and management compliance training and periodic re-training
  • Written procedures for monitoring and reporting
  • Active documentation
  • Compliance standards enforcement
  • Intervention responses
  • Prevention approaches for the future

Penalties for offenses are only part of the costs. Time for administrative and legal responses, legal proceedings, and the negative impacts of publicity about investigations all contribute.

Medical Horizons Unlimited and International Horizons Unlimited, Ltd./Risk Management Strategies and Systems Group utilizing the resources of the Medical-Legal Strategies Group, support your audit preparation, audit success, and any post-audit re-mediation, conflict resolution, and positive re-audit outcomes. In conjunction with JRP Technologies, Inc., International Horizons Unlimited, Ltd./Risk Management Strategies and Systems Group can develop an audit preparation system in electronic formats customized to meet your needs for effectiveness and ease of use.


Accreditation is the formal process by which an entity receives or is granted approval/certification as being in compliance with the standards, rules, regulations, requirements, and/or policies of an official evaluating organization, board, or regulatory body. The credential is granted for a specific length of time pending a re-accreditation process that would additionally include any new and/or expanded requirements. The accreditation process usually includes many aspects of both compliance and audit considerations.


It should help define points of functional excellence and positive innovation, strengths, areas to be enhanced, and areas of vulnerability to be stressed and improved. The results of the accreditation process should be used to foster re-mediation, new approaches to meet the standards and requirements, and a reasonable amount of time and guidance to accomplish necessary compliance.

Compliance, audit, risk management, systems development, management, legal, and subject matter experts from International Horizons Unlimited, Ltd. are available for consultation services and systems implementation to support your accreditation needs. In conjunction with JRP Technologies, Inc. and Accountability Initiatives, LLC, systems can be developed and produced in electronic formats to meet immediate, on-going, and ever changing requirements

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