Aviation/Aerospace Medicine and Safety
"creating health and safety for all industries"

The Medical Horizons Unlimited Institute for Aviation/Aerospace Medicine and Safety is committed to educational programs, systems and courses which serve the aviation and aerospace industries worldwide. In addition, areas of emphasis include environmental, industrial and occupational health, toxicology, public health and safety, accident and disaster preparedness/investigation/management, and the entire gamut of functional readiness and job stress management.

These orientations are supported by our multidisciplinary consulting and teaching faculty consisting of aviation/aerospace experts and other professionals with extensive backgrounds and experience in these fields. Our programs and courses are also supported by experts in risk management, technical components, human resources, nutrition, medical-legal issues, management, economics, strategic planning, human performance dynamics, and manpower issues.

Project development and analysis services are available. Such projects, in coordination with our Project Development Services Group, evaluate innovative approaches, strengthen development, and promote expansion.

Multimedia and computer-based teaching approaches can be developed to support ALL levels of your instructional and training needs.

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